Seano has a genuine passion for his studio & sound - regularly giving back by upgrading and adding to his "gear" collection to get the best out of your recording experience. Some recent additions include:

  • Thermionic Culture Nightingale Valve Pres Fink Audio Valve Pres;
  • TLA Valve Pres;
  • Tone Beast - Mic Pre;
  • Unity The Rock MKII - Studio Monitors;
  • Vocal Mic - Microtech Gefell M930; and Earthworks SR 25's - Room and Instrument Mics.

That said, there is an array of Mics / Pres / Amps to choose from. The studio also operates using Protools HD.

We offer a money-back guarantee (to this date has never been used) for the first day. After 10 years we haven't sold one bit of gear to Cash Converters, so that’s got to say something!

Highway 9 Drum SoundAdding Electronic Production

"Sean is a gun producer. Knows his way around his equipment, and knows how to get the best sound out of it, and out of you. He's super efficient, and made everyone feel instantly at home and relaxed. On top of that, the room sounds incredible. You're going to get a rich, expensive sound. I could not more highly recommend Highway 9 Productions! We will definitely be back."
-- Aidan Rolfe


  • 8 hour studio session, 10am to 6pm (available for weekend bookings) - $500.00
  • 4 hour night session, 6:30pm to 10:30pm - $280.00